Seasonal Business Ideas to Kick Off Summer 2019

As a recent college grad or someone wishing to wake up to a better tomorrow, you have two options this summer: wait for a (perfect) job to find you or get out there and find the passion of your life.

Starting this Memorial Day, some of us are already basking in this season’s first BBQs, pool parties and family reunions. But for anyone thinking seasonal business ideas, the summer can also be a great reason to give creativity a blast.

Remember those long winter evenings when you scrolled through Instagram success stories and lamented over your own hibernating potential to change the world? That time when there was always too little time, too many chores, and way too little belief in yourself to push the idea past daydreaming status?

The good news is that this summer, you can finally take the plunge and become a real entrepreneur! Here are some modern seasonal business ideas (no pool cleaning, we promise) that have potential to grow from a part-time summer fling into a serious business.

1. Go modern: seasonal business ideas for students and grads

Become an Airbnb-style guide

If you’re a sociable extravert and love being around different people, consider turning it into a seasonal business idea. Earn extra money and meet new friends by giving visitors special-themed tours of your city (think Airbnb Experiences). If you live in a rural area, consider eco-tourism, which is becoming increasingly popular. Get the hang of it on Airbnb and when you’re ready to go solo with an individual seasonal business, advertise private services on your own.

Blog on Medium

Earning real dollars through blogging can seem nearly impossible for beginners. If you’re looking to get both the fun and the renumeration (as a part-time summer thing or your first shot at fame), Medium is the only blogging platform that offers monthly payments to writers. Register for the Medium Partner Program, read the Curation Guidelines extremely carefully, and take time to find your voice (note: Medium doesn’t curate corporate content). The rest depends on your writing quality, output, and considerable perseverance.

Teach/market your hobby

Did you study a creative hobby as a kid or take one up some time ago? Are you good things like:

  • Sports/fitness/dance
  • Photography/video
  • Arts and crafts
  • A foreign language
  • Playing a music instrument

Whatever your hidden strength is, if you’re good at something and want to meet people like you, turning your hobby into a seasonal summer business is a great idea. Renew your skills with new rigor, watch video courses to learn from successful gurus, and give a shout-out to everyone in the neighborhood — both via word of mouth and social media.

2. Go pro: summer business ideas for techies and future gurus

Create/sell your app on Google Play Store

Do you have a great app that you’ve designed for personal use or have boasted about to friends? This summer, you can sell it to thousands of users on Google Play Store! The process is fairly simple and involves a one-time $25 fee for opening your Google Developer Account. After that, you’ll just have to link your Merchant Account, create your app, and customize the listing. iOS developers can also sell their apps on the Apple App Store, but that will cost $99/year.

Hint: if you don’t have an app yet but always wanted a reason to develop one, this one’s for you too!

Hone your skills as a freelancer

Registering on a freelance site such as Upwork can be a win-win summer/seasonal business idea. In addition to providing some much needed summer income, it can help you get the first experience necessary for nailing a great job. Best of all, you can think of it as a way to hone your skills — just a bit later, you can start your very own small business in the same field.

Here are a few promising business areas you can start freelancing in during the summer:

  • Programming and Testing
  • Web design/development
  • Graphic design
  • Freelance writing
  • 3D modeling
  • Photography/video

and much more.

Start a private tech service/support business

If you’re really good at fixing tech stuff, launching a tech service in your neighborhood can be a nice idea to get some extra summer cash. Try advertising in local newspapers, social media groups, through friends and relatives. Word of mouth can be the best way to cater to senior citizens who are often in need of tech support for computers and appliances. If you’re better at fixing computer hardware, try yourself out in tech support as a seasonal business project.

3. Go for the big dream: launch epic projects

Kick off an online business

The summer can be ideal for getting your bigger dream out into the wide world! If you previously thought about starting an online business but lacked time (or vitamin D) to go about it, stop putting the plan off for tomorrow and start acting today. Just think of it: start the project now and by Labor Day you will have your online store up and running — guaranteed!

Get the paperwork done for your brick and mortar store

Opening a business in your neighborhood can be tough and involve a lot of paperwork, especially when it’s your first time. But what doesn’t break us makes us stronger, remember? Brick and mortar stores involve more legal paperwork and licenses than online ones, so taking the summer months to invest into those tedious but necessary steps will make you all set to launch this fall. No excuses accepted!

Study for a career change

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, learning 1% of new things per day will leave you 37 times more knowledgeable in a year. For all the folks who’ve been thinking about a career change but with a full-time job never had the courage to look into it, summer vacation is a great time to start. Sign up for a course on Coursera and each day, devote a set hour exclusively to study. Repeat even from a wicker chair in Hawaii.

4. Don’t forget…

This summer, you have an amazing chance to launch your business and even make it into something more than a seasonal project. Wherever you are in life today, you’ll be surprised at how well creative ideas go down with chilled lemonade and a strong pinch of optimism — try it out for yourself!

As you go about fulfilling that dream of yours and turning your passion into your career, remember to upgrade your business image accordingly so no one doubts your professionalism, both inside and out.



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