Revolutionize Your Website with MightyCall’s Web Widgets

Presence is important for business, and in today’s day and age, you have to have a website for maximum presence. If someone Googles your company and nothing comes up, they’re leaving, forever.

Making websites is hard and you may want the perfect, professionally-designed page, but that isn’t always necessary. Simplicity normally works just fine.

Where do you go from there once you have a site? Well, here at MightyCall we have a simple solution to improve your website: our web widgets.

We offer 2 custom widgets that nobody else on the VoIP market has — the click-to-call and the callbackwidgets.

What are web widgets?

Both click-to-call and callback are html-coded widgets that you can make in a few minutes with MightyCall. Once you make and link them to your phone number, you copy and paste the html code onto your website and the widget is ready to turn visitors into customers.

How does Click-to-Call work?

The ‘Click-to-Call’ widget allows you and your website’s visitors to make free and instant calls straight from your site. The widget is easy-to-use and maximizes convenience.

Once the widget is up and running, all is takes is one click and your clients can easily reach you straight from the site. You can also choose any object on your website to link — a picture, a header, or the widget itself.

How does Callback work?

The ‘Callback’ widget is a great way for potential customers to get the info they need without waiting on a call queue or hoping someone is free to talk to them.

A visitor simply clicks on the widget and can choose between 2 options:

  • to have you call them as soon as possible, or
  • to schedule a call over the next few days to go over your product.

How do these widgets help my customers?

In 2018, customers need convenience. We’ve moved past the demand for clear and simple communication, to the point where it is now expected.

With Click-to-Call, customers don’t need to hassle with typing your number out to call — they can get it done in one-tenth of a second.

Too often people have the mentality that they’ll do something later — by making communication that easy, people are less likely to delay in calling.

For the Callback widget, customers will save even more time. If you offer a complex product or better yet, a service, customers will likely have questions. Of course, that doesn’t mean customers should wait around on when you or an employee is free to talk, so we have given them the power to make you wait on them — just like things should be!

How do these widgets help me?

Happy customers = happy businesses.

The benefits you’ll see from using these widgets are extensions of the benefits customers get.

With Click-to-Call, people are more likely to actually place a call, which gives you more chances to convert sales. And even more importantly, in the world of smartphones, it’s more convenient to tap and call a company than to write out a message that you’re not sure will be answered.

With the Callback widget, whether the instant call or the scheduled call, you will make sure that customers don’t get frustrated waiting in a call queue or worse, having an inquiry go unanswered.

The instant callback will put your employees to good use, having the most (or next) available worker immediately call the person who requested it.

For the scheduled callback you have more time to organize things as well as a comment about why the person wants to talk, so you can directly address and plan for the call. As the saying goes, preparation is the key to success.

The callback widget also means that Instead of flooding your website with an extended FAQ page, you get more chances to actually speak with customers and form lasting customer relationships.

Of course, such utility would be worthless with the requisite organization, but don’t worry, every time a customer engages with any one of your widgets, it will go directly to your MightyCall Activity Queue and History page to be handled and analyzed. That means that nothing will ever slip through the cracks.

If you do want to precisely analyze how your widgets are performing, you are free to make up to 100 of each type, so you could put a different widget on each page of your site to track if people are more likely to call from one page or another.

So there you have it — web widgets are one of the easiest ways anyone could ever give you to boost your website and your business. Take a few minutes to make a widget of your own and seize the day!

Web widgets are included in every MightyCall plan for free.



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