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3 min readSep 22, 2021


In June 2021, MightyCall welcomed an intern to the marketing department. Nicole had just finished 9th grade and was actively looking for an internship to guide her future career path when she found out about the opportunity at MightyCall. Following a two-week internship and a hands-on project, Nicole shares impressions about her experience in the company.

“I think MightyCall chose me. When I posted on my school’s Facebook page that I was looking for an internship, MightyCall responded immediately,” Nicole said. Like many young people, she feels excited about her first professional steps. Though there’s still time to adjust her professional course, the experience gained at MightyCall has already helped Nicole decide in which direction she needs to take her college education and career. “This experience helped me to understand that I want to delve into the areas related to marketing and communications,” she says. “Also, I want to take a course in Foundations of Digital Marketing by Google. I realized that I really like the marketing industry and it’s something I definitely want to major in. It’s very cool that I got an opportunity to see where I stand career-wise and to understand how to develop further.”

According to international research, enrolling in an internship while in high school or college increases the chances of successful hiring for up to 57% of young professionals. For companies, direct interaction between employees and students is the best way to contribute to the formation and development of aspiring talents. At MightyCall, internships are a new direction that the company is developing.

Prior to meeting the team and starting an internship in such an adult industry as IT, Nicole admits she felt nervous. “I stressed out a lot before Monday, my first day of work. I mean, I thought I’d just attend meetings like an office clerk who sits around listening to stuff,” she laughs.

Fears of getting bogged down in “boring theory” never became reality. Nicole plunged right into the exciting life of the company and got hands-on experience on a real project. Nicole’s task was to plan and organize an online event that would promote internship opportunities at MightyCall among college and university students. “I didn’t expect to get an important assignment like that. I thought I would have to ask around for something to do,” Nicole explains. “I was surprised that everyone at the company treated me like an adult employee, everyone devoted so much time and care to me. I really enjoyed it and feel very grateful. Interns are often nervous, but at MightyCall, I felt so much attention. I also liked the fact that Mira [Digital Marketing Specialist] was assigned as my supervisor. I think it’s very cool when an intern has a mentor who oversees their work.”

On her side, Mira notes that she really enjoyed working with Nicole. “This was the first time we took a high school student for a two-week internship,” she says. “For me, it was a new experience which I am very happy about since I had an opportunity to share my knowledge and help Nicole move in her chosen direction.”

Nicole adds that she learned a lot during her internship at the company and realized what she really likes to do. “I definitely learned a lot here. I got an insider’s view of how the company operates, how tasks are delivered, how their implementation is monitored. The foundations that I received here can be applied in any organization, even at school. For one, I realized that I really like working with people. Also, I learned to treat a project like a brainchild and to feel responsible for my work.”

Nicole notes that the atmosphere in the company pleasantly surprised her with its sincere friendliness where everyone “wants to work, and not just end the meeting faster”. Nicole also clarified that she hopes MightyCall will develop further opportunities for student internships. “If your company continues to provide such opportunities, you will help a lot of students,” she said.

In September 2021, MightyCall is planning to launch internships for students of local universities in Front-end development, NET, and QA.

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