7 Holiday Ideas for Business Voicemail Greetings and Music On Hold

The holidays are a time when we all come together to experience gratitude, joy, and support. In the troubling times of 2020, we’ve all seen how having each other’s back and just bringing a smile into another one’s day can make a huge difference. For business, spreading joy and care through personalized holiday voicemail greetings can be seen as just a little detail added to your regular customer interactions, but like the lights on your Christmas tree, it illuminates ordinary business conversations and sparks bright emotions.

Business voicemail greetings and music on hold are like those holiday lights. In an instant, they can turn a bored caller into a smiling customer, illumine someone’s day, and share more about your business mission statement than a ton of words.

At MightyCall, we’ve already supplemented our holiday music library with new holiday voicemail greetings and music on hold that you can add to your business phone right now.

As for personalized holiday voicemail greetings, take a look below for amazing and fun ideas from small business owners across the world!

1. Instrumental Jazz Classic Christmas Songs

Daniel Foley

Founder, Daniel Foley

“I have been using the phone a lot more recently, so I decided to set up an on-hold tone. I decided to use some old school instrumental covers of the classic Christmas songs, so people can recognise them without [someone] shouting carols down the phone at them and it being too much. It is relaxed and calm.”

How to adapt to your business

If you feel like you’ve got a lifetime’s share of carols in the shops and malls, playing a nice instrumental classic as your holiday on-hold message is a polite and classy way to wish your callers happy holidays. The nicest time spent on hold is the one that makes callers forget they’re “on hold”, so adding a touch of sweet nostalgia may be just the right option to freeze time for your audience.

2.Holiday cheer from all the employees via Zoom record

Ethan Taub

CEO, Loanry

“We always do holiday and seasonal voicemails for our customers and colleagues, to help them be in the festive cheer. With this year being different, we have had a rendition of Jingle Bells recorded over Zoom being used. It was very fun and we hope that we can continue these into the new year.

“The customers love it, and it says it helps to feel happy before they speak to one of us. Our colleagues want to do one now too, so I expect more voicemails like ours next year!’

How to adapt to your business

Want to combine a great team-building activity with something special for your callers and customers? Record a joint carol via Zoom! It doesn’t have to be Jingle Bells, but should be a popular song you’re all familiar with! The recording process will be unforgettable and your customers will love the off-camera family spirit. Make sure to mention that it’s a special greeting from your team!

3.Special offer or holiday discount

Dan Bailey

President, WikiLawn Los Angeles Lawn Care

“’Wishing you a very happy holiday from the entire WikiLawn family! We know you don’t want to sit through another canned holiday message, so as a treat for making it through this one, we’d like to give you 20% off your next order. Use the code holiday greetings at checkout, and in the meantime, please wait for an associate to assist you.’

“Basically we wanted to do something fun that would give us a way to give back. We were planning on doing this sale anyway, so making it more apparent in a hold message has worked out well for us.”

How to adapt to your business

Sharing a promo is one of the coolest business ideas for holiday voicemail greetings and on-hold messages. If your business can afford it, offering a special discount or promo just for waiting makes the offer twice as irresistible. First of all, callers aren’t likely to hang up — your bounce rates will improve drastically. Secondly, having been surprised so nicely, they will most likely spread the message to their family or friends. As in, “Did you hear about the cool discount x has going on?”. As a result, you get happy customers, returning customers, and free word of mouth. What goes round, comes round!

4.Holiday jokes or fun poems

James Dyble

Managing director, Global Sound Group

“Holiday voicemails and greetings are a great way to stand out from the crowd. It is often the case that many greetings are generic, thus creating no long lasting impression for the business in question. For example, if you have a brand which is light-hearted, why not include a load of festive jokes which will make the listener laugh while they wait as opposed to some boring jingle? It is all about thinking outside of the box.”

How to adapt to your business

We don’t suggest reciting the whole of “‘Twas the night before Christmas” to your callers (though there may be an eager audience for that, too!) but if you’re out of ideas for business voicemail greetings for the holidays, a short, fun poem should do the job. (Just google “short holiday poems” for ideas.) All you have to do is record yourself (or your kids, which is always super cute) reciting a holiday poem or greeting in verse like this one — *feel free to shorten*.

That time of year’s come ’round again,

So we wish you all the best.

The joy that comes from knowing you

Makes us feel that we’ve been blessed.

So we’ll share with you our feelings

At this special time of year:

May your holidays be a delight,

Filled with happiness and cheer.

Happy Holidays!

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

5.Personal karaoke rendition of a popular song

Emily Deaton

Financial Journalist, LetMeBank

“I like to have fun with my voicemail with my colleagues so I decided to up the ante this year. For my holiday voicemail, I recorded the first 30 seconds of the popular Mariah Carey song, “All I want for Christmas is You” with my talented (?) voice on top of it. It’s fun and helps to boost my spirits.

“When people do get round to recording their voicemail, they are roaring with laughter, so they end up sending another after to make up for time. I’m glad I can make people smile with my brilliant skills.”

How to adapt to your business

Are you the only one on your team with a flair for singing or dormant music skills? If so — or you’re a solopreneur, or your team is just shy — how about a karaoke rendition of your favorite holiday song? For this one though, make sure you’ve got a good ear and a tasteful approach. (No bashing and smashing, please!)

5.Tidings of peace and joy from your family to theirs

Robert Johnson

Founder, Sawinery

‘“Hello! It’s my favorite time of the year! Which one should I first eat, the cookies my wife baked or the turkey I made? Oh, I’m sorry my hands are full to answer this call. How about you? Talk soon when this happy Holidays end!’

“I want to relay a message that I am spending a great time with my loved ones and not with papers or laptop screens, of course in a humorous manner. It’s also my way of tapping the callers that they should have too because it’s a once in year celebration in a life that is so short to be facing monitors instead of your family.”

How to adapt to your business

Not into singing or poetry? That’s perfectly fine. A warm, mindful holiday voicemail message is just as perfect for business. Your message doesn’t need to be long. Make this one just 2–4 sentences long, but personalize to fit your audience. Whether you make it fun and light or more family-oriented and uplifting is completely up to you. Just give those couple of sentences from your heart, and your callers will appreciate the warmth!

6.Informative and professional

Danny Pollack

CEO, Bespoke Extracts

“Thank you for calling Bespoke Extracts. All of our staff are currently unavailable in observation of the holiday season. If this is an urgent matter, please email [insert email], but please refrain from doing so if it’s not. We appreciate you reaching out to us and wish you a happy holiday season!”

How to adapt to your business

Not every business will find fun on-hold music, carols, or even personalized greetings appropriate for their audience. If that’s your industry, or you’re not into all the holiday stuff, you should still record a voicemail greeting for the holidays. In such cases, just stay on the informative and professional side. Don’t forget to give a number or email for emergency contact and wish your callers happy holidays.


  • Play an instrumental holiday classic as your holiday on-hold music. MightyCall has already added new holiday music to our music on hold gallery, or you can download a royalty-free recording online.
  • Record a team-sung carol via Zoom as your holiday on-hold music, or if you’re into singing, a personal karaoke version of a holiday classic.
  • Write a few words from your family. Make it sincere and warm.
  • Give a special discount or promo code/word to your callers while they wait on the line, so they can use it to get % off your products/services.
  • Recite a holiday poem as your on-hold message or voicemail intro. If possible, have your kids recite it for extra sweet vibes.
  • Use only royalty-free music as your on-hold music. Playing a regularly-downloaded or bought song that’s not labeled as “royalty-free” is considered a violation of copyright law.
  • Whatever option you choose, remember to add relevant information about your business such as: holiday working hours, emergency contact, holiday greeting.

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