25 Digital Nomad Jobs for a High-Paying Remote Career

In the U.S. alone, the number of digital nomads in the past 5 years leaped from 4.8 million to 11 million people — a number big enough to fill up the whole of a country (and popular nomad destination) like Greece.

As remote work becomes mainstream and is the primary source of income for 79.5% of Millenials, digital nomad jobs push the concept of globalization to a whole new level. And no wonder — safe, sustainable, eco-friendly, and taking the entrepreneurial mindset to a level where the “whole world is our home”, these are the jobs of the future.

As most countries are reopening to easier travel in 2022, here’s everything you need to get started as a digital nomad at any age and point in life + expert advice to get you there.

What’s inside:

  • Who can be a digital nomad?
  • How the pandemic impacted digital nomad jobs
  • The tools to get you started as a digital nomad
  • 25 digital nomad jobs for a high-paying remote career
  • Information technology/ tech jobs
  • Virtual healthcare jobs
  • Writing jobs
  • Business services jobs
  • Education jobs
  • Visual/audio media jobs
  • Digital nomad communication: opt for simple

Who can be a digital nomad?

What does it looks and feel like to be a digital nomad? For many of us, the primary image that pops up is of someone super young and carefree, spending their days between the beach and their Macbook spread out on a lounge chair, sipping a margarita, Instagramming their lifestyle that resembles glamping a lot more than work.

Studies show that 61% of digital nomads are married, and a report by Virtual Vocations further reveals that Millennials (87%) and Baby Boomers (84%) are equally interested in working and traveling as digital nomads.

This means no one is too young, old, or incapable of becoming a digital nomad. If you’ve got a family willing to travel with you — either as a short-term solution, or a way to explore a new lifestyle, there’s no reason you can’t work from anywhere as a family person.

How the pandemic impacted digital nomad jobs

While travel has been restricted for much of 2020–21, in 2022 many countries around the world are finally lifting travel restrictions. This is great news for nomads who work as they travel since the pandemic has aggravated our need to work remotely, work safely, and opt for eco-friendly workplaces instead of virus-infected megalopolises. Due to its versatility and high-paying salaries, and remote work capabilities, the IT industry has become a favorite among tech-trained nomads.

Kimberly Back, Senior Job Data Content Producer at Virtual Vocations

”Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, remote information technology jobs were the top remote career fields for 2020 and 2021. Information technology jobs, which include in-demand positions for software and web developers, network engineers, security analysts, and technical project managers, are recommended for digital nomads because they can be worked entirely online from any location with a stable internet connection and power source.”

Regardless of industry, stable internet, flexible hours, and a safe environment are key requirements that make a job suitable for traveling in light of the pandemic.

The tools you need to get started as a digital nomad

  • Laptop with internet access
  • VPN — if you plan on using Wi-Fi from a variety of spots in the world, VPN is a must-have to prevent identity theft through WI-Fi networks.
  • Website and social media accounts — build a website in just a few steps with these DIY platforms.
  • A business phone system that works from Wi-Fi — a virtual phone system (VoIP) is perfect for digital nomads since it works from any device with WI-FI or internet. For those of you whose clients are back in North America, it provides you with a U.S./Canada business number so customers always feel that you’re close by, while you don’t have extra phone charges.
  • Freemium tools for organization — optional, but here’s a great list to get you started.

25 digital nomad jobs for a high-paying remote career

Information technology (IT) digital nomad jobs

Kim Desmond, COO of software engineering training program CodingNomads

”[For a career in IT] you must love learning, because the learning never ends. You must love challenges, because the better you get at your job, the tougher the challenges you’ll need to solve. You must be self-motivated and doggedly determined to figure it out because engineers get paid the big bucks to find solutions.”

  1. Programming — Again and again, programming hits the lists of one of the highest-paying jobs. Not only that, it’s one of the most popular and versatile digital nomad careers. Front-end developers, back-end developers, iOS/Android developers, software architects — those are just a few turns you can take with a programming mindset. Moreover, formal education in mathematics is no longer needed for a successful programming career. Almost anyone with strong analytics skills and the desire to learn can complete programming courses and get started on their portfolio.
Dragos Badea, co-founder and CEO of hybrid work management software Yarooms

”Programmers benefit from being able to travel light, as all they need to do their jobs is their computers, and not suffering much from a language barrier as the majority of programmers world over work in English or very language agnostic environments. The cons of being a programmer nomad, however, include a decent amount of social isolation as you likely will work fully remote. […] This can be a tough wall to climb without a friendly co-worker taking you under their wing for the first few weeks to give you the lay of the land.”

2. Web design — Another popular IT job, web design is a more popular choice for women in IT and those with a creative vibe. Unlike programmers that deal with the technical elements of the website, web designers focus on the visual elements that the user encounters such as layout, appearance. They can also advise on the visual aspects of content.

3. Graphic design — Graphic designers make product ideas come to life through visuals. They often work hand in hand with product teams to communicate visual messages but can also work on independent projects as freelancers. This job usually works well with a drawing/arts background, but apt learners can receive training and start out in graphic design from scratch.

Daniel Javor, Founder & CEO of Step by Step Business

”Graphic design … offers a lot of opportunity because the industry is growing. The pros of graphic design are that you can learn it online, work for anyone in the world, and make up to $150 an hour. [Among the challenges] are the competition and keeping up with digital trends and technology.”

4. Product/project management — Product and project managers regulate the work of teams. Prior to COVID, this wasn’t specifically a remote kind of job, but these days lots of project and product managers (including our own here at MightyCall) work remotely from different parts of the country. For example, one of our product managers spent the summer working from the beach. So why not you?

5. SEO — No website is complete without Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and no business is complete without a website. This places huge demand on SEO specialists and it’s also the perfect kind of job if you want to travel. To start a SEO career, you have to be good at analytics, know how to work with spreadsheets and tables, and always stay on top of leading search engine algorithm trends, which implies a constant learning process.

Jeroen van Gils, CEO at LiFi.co

”SEO work is a very recurrent job among digital nomads … who have their own projects and attract traffic by generating money to travel or work from anywhere in the world. When looking for SEO jobs, as in most cases there are two options: work for a company remotely or create your own project and monetize it to generate the income that will allow you to lead a good life as a digital nomad.”

6. Security analyst — Security analysts ensure the digital privacy and security of organizations and businesses. This implies strategic planning on how to protect the company’s networks and computers against cyberattacks, cybercrime, fraud, and other malware.

How to get started in IT digital nomad jobs

  • Enroll in an online course to pursue the IT career of your choice
  • Get a tech mentor for faster progress
  • Build a starter portfolio on pilot projects during online courses
  • Sign up for an account on a freelancing marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr, or get your CV on HR sites — many companies out there are looking for remote junior-level IT specialists.

Aspiring IT professionals should begin with choosing their desired field of work and make a list of hard skills that the industry demands. For example, want-to-be programmers can explore the most popular programming languages.

Once you get the hang of what you plan to go into, enroll in a course on a platform like Coursera to pursue the particular job you want to get into and get started on pilot projects that you can put into your starter portfolio. Here’s more on how to launch an IT career in less than one year.

Virtual healthcare digital nomad jobs

7. Telemedicine — with the COVID era, virtual healthcare and telemedicine have become a popular choice with people who need medical assistance from the safety of their homes. If you have a medical degree, providing virtual medical consultations can allow you to lead a digital nomad lifestyle while being on call with patients ar certain hours.

8. Virtual Doula — Doulas are trained birth coaches that provide assistance to women during pregnancy as well as during and after childbirth. In the COVID days, the virtual doula trend has become very impressive as more and more women seek virtual assistance. Virtual doulas can be on call at any time, providing emotional assistance and physical training to women. This profession is a fit for many women who’re considering a digital nomad career– especially those with several children of their own.

9. Online nutritionist — As more and more people recuperate from COVID, many understand they need lifestyle and nutrition changes to get better sooner. Nutritionists are trained specialists who advise people, including those with special health conditions, on the best dietary and lifestyle strategy.

Richard Lubicky, founder, RealPeopleSearch

”The demand for healthy food has grown a lot in the COVID-reality lifestyle. Therefore, the search for online [health] services [like] nutritionists has also grown. As a digital nomad, you can research and use this knowledge to create authority on the internet with the production of [health-related] content, besides the creation of e-books.”

How to get started in virtual healthcare digital nomad jobs

  • Have a medical degree or get certification (for some jobs)
  • Have a business website and social media presence
  • Get a business phone number that will work from any place in the world

While you’ll need a medical degree to provide online medical consultations, other niches like becoming a virtual doula or a nutritionist demand only training and/or certification that can be completed online.

To nail a virtual healthcare job without a medical degree, opt for accredited certification courses in nutrition or as a virtual doula. This can be done on platforms like Dona International and Alpafitness. Once your certification is complete, you will need to set up a website and social media presence, and a business phone.

If you plan to be an international digital nomad but your clients will be from the USA or Canada, definitely get a U.S./Canada-based toll-free number. You should also connect it to a business profile like WhatsApp business. This will give you the freedom to receive professional calls and messages from any place in the world, while your clients don’t feel the geographical distance.

Writing digital nomad jobs

10. Blogging/Influencer — We’ve all seen them, those multi-millionaire kid bloggers. Which all makes it seem like blogging is a no-brainer. However, to be a successful blogger or influencer, you will need not just writing skills (and not even so much these) as much as knowledge of all the latest blogging trends, SEO, social media algorithms, and affiliate programs. However, blogging is natural for travelers for those in the know of the latest trends who enjoy an open lifestyle.

11. Copywriting/editing — Copywriting is one of the top jobs that’s associated with digital nomad freedom. If you have strong writing skills and a good knowledge of the niche(s) you will work with, you can take orders from individual clients, companies, magazines, newspapers, blogs, entrepreneurs, and people hiring ghostwriters. You may also do editorial work and work as part of a remote team in company marketing departments, which provides income stability in contrast to freelancing gigs.

Laura Roeder, Founder and CEO at PaperBell Coaching Software.

”Copywriting … provides flexibility and allows you to work at your own pace. If you enjoy writing and conducting research, this is the job for you. [Usually] it would [also] require you to give marketing and advertising strategy and recommendations.”

12. Translation — If you plan to live abroad and know another foreign language, doing translation work from that language to English can be a good secondary source of income as you become a digital nomad. Keep in mind that you need only an intermediate knowledge of the input language but a strong knowledge of the output language.

13. Book writing and publishing — Writing and publishing (or self-publishing) a book isn’t the top option if you need a steady income. But if you already have one and want to invest into long-term income, and always wanted to write a book, doing so while traveling is a picture-perfect story. Alternatively, you can get acquainted with the publishing industry or even become an independent publisher.

What you need to get started in writing digital nomad jobs

  • Possess strong writing skills
  • Be reliable and ready to work on strict deadlines
  • Build a professional website with your portfolio
  • Learn affiliate marketing (for blogging and influencers)

Writing, blogging, and social medial influencers may seem like the simplest career option for nomads — after all, all you need is a laptop in tow. For writers, translators, and authors, a laptop and a sample portfolio of works are usually good enough to get started. Platforms like Medium will even pay you without a specific portfolio or experience, just for people reading your articles.

Importantly, writing for paid platforms, blogs, and magazines demands from authors a choice of specific topics to specialize in, knowledge of writing and editorial best practices, and an ability to adapt to the voice of various publications/platforms.

Business services digital nomad jobs

14. Marketing, Advertising, and PR — Marketing jobs are incredibly versatile and include digital marketing, social media marketing, advertising, PPC advertising, market and product analysis, product marketing, public relations, and more. These jobs are suitable for people with a writing and communications background or skills.

15. Business consulting — Business consultants organize business processes, work with leadership to develop business plans and budgets, help marketing and HR departments to work with clients, and consult on hiring strategies. Business consultants need strong analytical, problem-solving, communication skills, and a business or financial background.

16. External agency recruiter — unlike HR working specifically with a company, external recruiters can work from any place which has made them bulletproof even during the pandemic. Agency recruiters live off of sizeable commissions — top recruiters can make from $100–250k a year. The job demands strong communication and negotiation skills but can be a potent source of income if you’re a professional in the field.

Entrepreneur and agency recruiter Dandan Zhu

“The job of an agency recruiter is completely free since we can choose how to use our time, our clients, our candidates, and who we want to spend our time with. When I’m traveling in Europe, I’ll walk around all morning and midday without having to turn on my laptop til the afternoon. Then I go to a coffee shop or back to my hotel and just work into the night. As long as my customers know what hours I’m working and how to reach me, there is nothing so urgent that requires me to be physically awake or available since most businesses only work 9-to-5.”

17. Financial services — Virtual assistants can also provide financial services such as accounting, financial advisor/manager, budget analytics, stockbrokers, investment advisors, tax preparation consultants, and other forms of consultancy. A background in finance is usually necessary for these jobs.

18. Customer service — With the advent of technology like virtual phone systems with dozens of team features, customer service teams and call centers can be distributed across the world. While this job demands a stable and constant online presence during specific hours, if you’re comfortable working set hours and have stable internet, there’s no reason why you can’t work as a customer service representative while traveling.

How to get started in business service digital nomad jobs

  • Define your competencies/skills
  • Build a website and/or social media presence
  • Get a virtual phone number that will work via WI-Fi
  • Promote your services on professional networks, through connections, and on freelance marketplaces
  • Join a professional community

The business services/assistance industry is ideal for people who work remotely. A business assistant or Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who is hired by entrepreneurs and businesses. The range of services you provide can be targeted to a specific niche or you can offer a wide variety of non-specific services as a remote secretary would do. This is also an industry that provides a strong digital nomad support network.

The Association of Virtual Assistants is a great place to start if you’re new to the business services industry. Workers who like to travel can be either freelance business assistants or take it a step further and learn to start their own virtual assistant business.

Education digital nomad jobs

19. Teaching and virtual classes — During the pandemic, the demand for online classes has surged. Giving online language classes on platforms like iTalki or VipKid is a particularly popular gig for native English travelers and ex-pats. Virtual classes can range from just one skill that you’ll teach others (know Photoshop, Spreadsheets, InDesign, Adobe Premier, etc. useful software? Develop your own strategy and teach it better than others!) to sports and exercise, arts and crafts, and languages. The downside is that unless you develop teaching into a business, freelance teaching gigs aren’t usually enough to sustain a traveler’s lifestyle.

Cam Woodsum, Founder & CEO, Freedom Is Everything

”For people who are entry-level and have limited skillsets, I recommend becoming an online English teacher. If you’re a native English speaker and writer, you should be able to land a job like this. [It] will allow you to live and work anywhere in the world.”

20. Coaching — If virtual/online classes can be as small or big as you want them to be, coaching is a more 1–1 kind of experience. Coaching is usually targeted at a specific skill. Business coaches, life coaches, entrepreneurship coaches, finance coaches, fitness coaches, social media coaches — you name it, there is coaching for anything.

21. Online courses and webinars– Unlike online classes and coaching, online courses don’t need constant investments of time. Recorded once, online courses and webinars can then be successfully sold to a wide audience. This is usually a good option for someone who’s already working in the virtual education niches and has got an audience to market their courses to.

How to get started in education digital nomad jobs

  • Write a short list of skills that you’re able and willing to share
  • Have a business website and social media presence
  • Get a low-cost second phone number (separate from your private number) for a professional business account
  • Actively network and engage in online communities
  • Promote your social media profiles to engage new audiences

Getting started in virtual education asks for strong communication skills and knowledge of digital marketing/social media marketing to get the word out about your classes/courses. Also, don’t forget about word of mouth! Even if your business is digital, spreading the word about it between friends, connections, and online communities is a great booster to finding your audience.

Visual and audio media digital nomad jobs

22. Photography — Photography is closely linked to travel, and one can easily become not only an inspiration but the hands-on material for your photography portfolio. Find a perfect niche from portrait photography, to wedding and event photography, children’s photography, animals and nature, industry-specific photography (like music, ballet, theater, sports, science, etc.), journalism photography, and more.

23. Illustration — Lots of businesses are looking to hire freelance illustrators that will help form a cohesive brand image. From blog and social medial illustrations to the larger brand vision, digital illustrators can work for individual entrepreneurs, companies, and, just like photographers, provide stock images to platforms like Shutterstock.

24. Audio transcription — Since the pandemic, there’s been a rising demand for audio transcription. This is due to many business meetings being handled over Zoom, and the rising necessity for companies to have those available as transcripts. While this is a job that probably won’t be enough to cover living expenses and may be sporadic unless you work on long-term projects, it can be combined with any other versatile gig for travelers.

Chloe Brittain, owner of Opal Transcription Services

“Transcription agencies hire typists as independent contractors, so scheduling tends to be very flexible. You can work as much or as little as you want, from anywhere in the world. It’s easy to get started — most agencies will ask you to complete a short aptitude test. ”

25. Videography — for those more familiar with the video camera, videography is likewise full of niches perfect for someone looking for a travel-related job. Like photography, it’s pretty versatile but comes with more expenses unless you already own the equipment.

How to get started in visual media digital nomad jobs

  • Buy the right photography/video equipment depending on your niche
  • Enroll in a course if you have little or no prior experience in the field
  • Set up a professional website and Instagram with your portfolio of works
  • Promote your portfolio on social media through paid ads
  • Actively network with existing contacts and new groups and communities where your target audience can be found

Visual media jobs are a natural choice for nomads who travel the world. In fact, some of the most popular visual artists have started out by taking leaps of faith like quitting boring and unfulfilling jobs to start as photographers and videographers. Many of them started from scratch, built their first portfolio by photographing friends, learned by trial and error, and went on to become prized professionals in their field.

Apart from building their clientele, photographers and videographers can also submit work to stock websites and earn commissions that will self-generate income.

Digital nomad communication: opt for simple

Our team at MightyCall loves to work remotely and some of us are even digital nomads! So it’s natural that we know all about fast and mobile communication and use it every day.

To avoid excess mobile fees, if you have customers in one country but travel/live in another, your smartphone should operate via WI-FI and a virtual phone system (VoIP).

VoIP allows you to work from any spot in the world and keep/get your U.S./Canada-based business phone number (local or toll-free). Safe, simple, and incredibly low-cost, you won’t lose a single client back home, wherever you happen to work from.

Learn more about MightyCall’s virtual phone system perfect for digital nomads, starting at just $9/month!



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